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Cops And Mental Health Pros Would ‘Co-Respond’ To Some 911 Calls Under New City Plan

Block Club Chicago  | Published on 1/11/2021
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For additional reading and links to relevant research on the use of such programs, see this NPR-WTTW story:

“According to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA), while crisis intervention training is already widely used among law enforcement, the co-responder approach allows the responding parties to both de-escalate situations and facilitate access to the appropriate treatment options.

The ICJIA said research shows these programs improve access to mental health services for those in crisis and have been received positively by members of the public. Yet some officers did not view these as being ‘efficient with regard to officer time or effective in reducing arrests and improving public safety.’ A 2016 study of the Los Angeles Police Department’s co-responder program found that it had ‘provided a positive impact in deterring the criminalization of persons with mental illness.’ But the model is not yet widespread, at least in Illinois.”

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