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Ending cash bail, more rehab part of Pritzker prison plan

The Associated Press  | Published on 10/20/2020

“Among the ideas:

— Eliminating the use of cash bail that often disrupts low-income families and limit detention to public-safety risks.

— Limit incarceration for non-violent drug-related offenses and offer offenders needed public health services and reduce recidivism by increasing access to housing and health care.

— Replace lengthy prison sentences by increase sentence credit and supervise release and limit penalty enhancements that trap low-income families and minorities in 'generational cycles of incarceration.'

— Increase accountability for police agencies by such action as creating statewide standards and reducing red tape for civilians to lodge complaints; strengthen statewide standards for police use of force and ease interactions with police by decriminalizing some non-violent offense, improving crowd control and more.”


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